HEFTED LACES began with a passion for Sneakers,

We wanted to give Sneaker Enthusiasts an option of making their "Grails" Or the next "Hyped" Sneaker their own, to bring Old Sneakers back to life and to change up within a collection to -


Through bringing you our PREMIUM range of laces, we have been truly excited about expanding our collections to suit every customers need. 

From Replacement laces through to Two-tone laces to Genuine Leather laces.

We have tried to cater to most needs! We are very excited to announce:

We have recently brought out almost 70 new products featuring in 8 NEW COLLECTIONS! In a range of sizing options.

Our new collections include:

-Two tone "Union" laces

-"SHOELACES" (Flat and Oval)

- Rope Laces

- Reflective rope laces

- Reflective flat laces

- Polyester flat laces

- Double layered flat laces

- Aglets

Take a look at our new collections, not forgetting our Premium range of Leather and Waxed Laces!

We are certain you will find something to Heft your Heat!



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